At Hamadaya you will partake of elegant Japanese cuisine prepared with fine ingredients and served on beautiful dishes. Early on Hamadaya invited great chefs from the Kansai region who pursued their own,unique tastes for ingredients and tableware.The menu is carefully planned with painstakingly selected seasonal components and is then lovingly arranged on matched plates and dishes. The dishes are then brought into your room in proper order.Here you are invited to enjoy Japanese food which captures the sense of seasons all the while basking in the delightful hospitality.

*To offer seasonal dishes,the menu varies with seasons and availability of ingredients.

Genyadana Hamadaya

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takeout menu
Boiled conger eel (275g)

Fresh conger eel is cooked following the original recipe in the Tokyo sytle. For a delicious meal, cut the cooked conger eel into bite-sized chunks, spread them over rice, and pour hot green tea on top.

Combination price:
・Conger eel & beef   5,600yen(tax not included)
・Conger eel beef,tuna & kelp   8,900yen(tax not included)
(various combination available)

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